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“I am a catalyst for positive change, weaving my international experiences into a tapestry of empowerment, compassion, authentic leadership, and personal growth."

  • Public speaker, diversity ambassador, and motivational speaker at international forums, women in tech events, university events (including master's programs), and diverse tech gatherings within companies and conferences.
  • Highly skilled coach and leader for multicultural teams.
  • Head of Tech Logistics at Bol. - the Netherlands.
  • Nearly 20 years of international experience in ecommerce, retail, banking, and telecommunication industries.
  • Academic achievements include an MSc Cum Laude in Digital Business from the University of Amsterdam and a BSc in Computer Science from Ain Shams University.
  • Woman of the Year at ING in 2018.
  • Member of the Women in Tech Committee at Bol.

I've worked with

Head of Tech

  • As a seasoned Senior Professional in Information Technology ​and Data Analytics Management, I lead teams with a ​commitment to compassionate and authentic leadership. My ​journey unfolds at the intersection of technology, digital, ​agile, and product-led transformation. By embracing value-​driven leadership I guide my teams to find purpose and work ​within their values, I cultivate an environment where ​personal and professional aspirations align. Click here to ​learn more about my professional journey.

  • My commitment extends beyond technology; I am passionate ​about sustainability and the circular economy. This passion is ​reflected in my academic background, where I've contributed ​to AI implementation for green and sustainable supply chain ​management. Explore my thesis on the UvA website.

Diversity Ambassador

Contributing to change and equality for women in tech, “I believe that as a compassionate leader, it’s essential to embrace and support differences between genders, rather than pressuring women to conform to traditional masculine norms.”

“No journey is easy. It’s important to embrace the experience, learn from both triumphs and challenges and maintain a positive attitude throughout. I strongly encourage people to search for their purpose and values early on in their careers. It will help you make the right decisions in life and find a job that you truly love.”

Click here to learn more about my story in Equal's campaign on International Women's Day 2023.

“My purpose is to be the compass that guides you through today, tomorrow, and Beyond.”

Public Speaking

“AI for a greener tomorrow: Driving sustainable change”

European women in technology 2024

Public Speaking

“Embracing Authentic and

Compassionate Leadership”

NN Women in IT Kick-off Event

“My Journey from an Engineer to Head of Tech”

Bol. Spaces Summit

"From Challenges to Triumphs

A Journey of Resilience”

Sogeti Female in IT Career Event

"Breaking Stereotypes: Unleashing Diversity by Shattering the Molds Within"

ING Women of the Year Event

Workshops & Mentorship

“My journey as an inspiration to Mentees”

RightBrains Mentorship & Growth Kick-off Event

“Authentic and Compassionate Leadership Workshop”

Bol. Career Development Day

Panel Discussions

“The Culture Cure: Transforming Healthcare from the Inside Out”

Healthcare Leadership and Management Conference by Saudi ​German Hospital Egypt Africa Health ExCon 2024, Cairo, Egypt

Panel Discussions

“How GenAI is Changing our World

University of Amsterdam AI Alumni Event

“Navigating AI Transformation”

Corecom Consulting AI Event

Panel Discussions

“Cross-Cultural Challenges”

ING, PwC, ABN AMRO and Shell Women Networks

“Embrace your Inner Wonder Woman”

Women in Tech Regatta Event


“An inspiration to many of us”

I loved listening to your personal journey. You are such an inspiration to many of us, and your words made me reevaluate my own values, realizing I was missing an important one.

Linda Bovarid, Director of Engineering @ Bol.

“A powerhouse presenting a ​lighthouse”

We were so happy to have you at the ​event! Your talk was amazing and ​inspiring for all the ladies present. A ​powerhouse presenting a lighthouse.

Juliette van der laarse, Women in IT ​board member & PO engineering @ NN

“Inspiring thoughts on diversity”

I am so grateful to have you as one of our panelists Noha and to hear your inspiring thoughts on diversity! I hope for many more opportunities like this.

Alicia Utami, Method owner business process management @ ABN Amro


Embark on a transformative journey with me as your compass, navigating the path to authentic leadership, self-discovery, and lasting success.

Book me for speaking engagements, workshops, trainings, or individual coaching sessions to ignite positive change within yourself and your team.

  • Motivational Speaking Engagements: for diverse events, including tech conferences and motivational gatherings. Inspirational talks designed to motivate and empower individuals by sharing my journey as a woman in Tech.
  • Workshops Programs: personalized sessions to guide individuals to identify their core values and define individual purposes for a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • Tailored Workshops: on leadership, diversity, and personal development.
  • Individual Coaching & Mentorship: One-on-one coaching sessions for personal and professional growth.

“With every crisis, there is an opportunity.”

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